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Stocks Rankings & Lists

We rank or compare stocks based on popular investment metrics and strategies to help you sort through companies from all major U.S. equity markets.

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Top Performers

These companies have seen the highest growth in performance over the past year.

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Earnings Stalwarts

Earnings Stalwarts stocks have had steady long-term earnings growth of more than 25 percent for the past five years.

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Defensive Picks

These large-cap stocks are less risky than most publicly traded companies and suit investors who value capital appreciation and preservation.

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Paulina Likos, Tim Lawson| April 29, 2022

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John Divine| April 21, 2022

High-dividend value stocks aren't as hard to find as you might expect. Here are some top buys.

7 High-Yield Monthly Dividend Stocks

Coryanne Hicks, Wayne Duggan| April 20, 2022

These monthly dividend stocks each yield more than 6%.

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