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What Are the Credit Score Ranges?

When you understand what credit score ranges mean, you can make better financial decisions.

Paceline Card Doubles Your Rewards for Working Out

The Paceline Card offers up to 5% cash back on health and wellness purchases for meeting your weekly exercise goals.

How Often Should You Apply for a Credit Card?

The answer comes down to a few things, including your credit score and your issuer's rules.

Is It Bad to Close a Credit Card?

Before you cancel your credit card, find out what the impact could be on your credit score.

What Is Creditworthiness?

Your credit score only tells part of the story as lenders judge how likely you are to repay debt.

What Is a Foreign Transaction Fee?

Learning about foreign transaction fees can help you avoid paying more than you have to when traveling abroad.

Are You Liable for Your Spouse's Credit Card Debt?

If your spouse racks up debt during your marriage, you may be liable.

What to Do Before a Credit Check

Taking a few simple steps before a credit check can improve your odds of being approved.

How to Get and Maximize the Southwest Companion Pass

The perk could save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on airfare.

Credit Utilization: Understand How It Impacts Your Credit Score

Reducing your credit utilization rate can give your credit score a boost.

You Can Still Get Free Weekly Credit Reports as the Pandemic Continues

The big three credit bureaus will give you greater access to your credit reports through December 2022.

How to Get Free Flights With Credit Card Rewards

There are a variety of ways you can fly to your destination for free.

The Chase 5/24 Rule: What You Should Know

This credit card approval rule limits sign-up bonus abuse.

Is a Co-Branded Credit Card Right for You?

Co-branded cards can reward your brand loyalty, but they may not always be the best choice.

U.S. News & World Report Announces 2022 Best Credit Cards Award Winners

If you're in the market for a new credit card, check out our award winners for each category.

Survey: More Than 67% Are Experiencing Financial Anxiety

If inflation has you stressed out, there are some steps you can take to save money on high-priced items.

PayPal Introduces More Valuable PayPal Cashback Credit Card

Cardholders will earn 3% cash back when they check out with PayPal.

The Difference Between Hard and Soft Inquiries

Find out how different types of inquiries affect your credit score.

2% Cash Back Credit Cards

These cards offers 2% cash back on most, if not all, of your purchases, but some come with caveats.

How Inflation Can Impact Your Loan Interest Rates

Rising prices can, in turn, increase the cost of borrowing.

How to Improve Your Credit Score

Keep in mind that the process takes time and patience.

670 Credit Score: Is It Good or Bad?

By following a few simple strategies, you can improve your 670 credit score and get lower interest rates.

Most Medical Debt May Soon Vanish From Credit Reports

The major credit bureaus will eliminate reporting on paid medical debt.

How Do Airline Miles Work? A Getting Started Guide

It's important to research what airline loyalty programs hold the most value for you.

Travel and Sign-up Bonus Cards to Book Your Summer Travel

If you're ready for summer travel but low on rewards, there's still time to earn a bonus to pay for your trip.

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