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Many of us can think back to a teacher who inspired us to work harder, set goals and reach for the... READ MORE
Many of us can think back to a teacher who inspired us to work harder, set goals and reach for the stars. Though this job sector is not known for having the highest-paying jobs, many teachers say the best part about their work is influencing and impacting the lives and futures of their students. Enjoying the subject you teach and watching your students learn and progress also makes being an educator enjoyable. Not only are teachers on our list of the 2022 Best Education Jobs, but jobs like sports coach, teacher assistant and health educator also made our list. For more information on how we rank, read the Best Jobs Methodology.
7 Jobs

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  1. High School Teacher

    #1 in Best Education Jobs

    Life after high school graduation is impossible to predict, but it’s a high school teacher’s job to prepare students for just that. Larger class sizes and enrollment will affect the employment of high school teachers. Read More

  2. Elementary School Teacher

    #2 in Best Education Jobs

    Elementary school teachers combine knowledge of a wide variety of subjects, patience and energy into one profession. Read More

  3. Sports Coach

    #3 in Best Education Jobs

    Coaching is a form of teaching but in an athletic sense. Success in this field is usually measured on and off the field or court through wins, but also through building character in their players. Read More

  4. Health Educator

    #4 in Best Education Jobs

    Health educators work in a variety of settings, including schools, hospitals and the government. These professionals develop curriculum to address the needs of their respective communities as well as teach, evaluate and analyze how effective the programs are. Health educators also serve as advocates for their community. Read More

  5. Middle School Teacher

    #5 in Best Education Jobs

    Everyone has that teacher who helped them figure out what they wanted to do when they grew up, finally understand trigonometry or showed them why science is cool. And for many, that teacher taught one of their middle school classes. Read More

  6. Preschool Teacher

    #6 in Best Education Jobs

    Preschool teachers are key in the development of young children’s problem-solving and social skills before they enter their elementary school years. Read More

  7. Teacher Assistant

    #7 in Best Education Jobs

    These professionals provide attention and instruction to students. A teacher must mainly focus on lesson plans while his or her assistant might give one-on-one attention to each child. Read More