Best Construction Jobs

Our list of the Best Construction Jobs of 2022 includes roles that have a huge part in creating... READ MORE
Our list of the Best Construction Jobs of 2022 includes roles that have a huge part in creating the structures in our cities and towns. Plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters and construction managers are needed to build new structures and update existing buildings. Find out which construction jobs we consider a cut above the rest. For more information on how we rank, read the Best Jobs Methodology.
14 Jobs

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  1. Construction Manager

    #1 in Best Construction Jobs

    Construction managers help plan projects, estimate cost, team-up with laborers during the production stage and more. Read More

  2. Electrician

    #2 in Best Construction Jobs

    Electricians design, install, maintain and repair motors, equipment or electrical systems for businesses and residences. Read More

  3. Solar Photovoltaic Installer

    #3 in Best Construction Jobs

    Solar photovoltaic installers put together, implement and maintain solar panels on the rooftops of homes and other buildings. Read More

  4. Plumber

    #4 in Best Construction Jobs

    This profession goes beyond troubleshooting problems when pipes or water fixtures are broken. Plumbers also plan and develop blueprints for new structures or those being refurbished. Read More

  5. Glazier

    #5 in Best Construction Jobs

    Glaziers are the construction professionals who make it possible for you to gaze out a window or fill a room with natural light from a skylight. These workers follow blueprints to cut, install and fasten glass in buildings. Read More

  6. Construction Worker

    #6 in Best Construction Jobs

    Construction workers are the jack of all trades of construction personnel, assisting tradespeople with the labor required to get the job done at construction sites. Read More

  7. Painter

    #7 in Best Construction Jobs

    Painters often take their work to the great outdoors, applying paint and finishes to surfaces ranging from houses to bridges to the exteriors of office buildings. Read More

  8. Insulation Contractor

    #8 in Best Construction Jobs

    The push to make both existing and new buildings energy-efficient has increased the demand for insulation contractors.These construction professionals install and replace insulation materials to help control the temperature in buildings. Read More

  9. Equipment Operator

    #9 in Best Construction Jobs

    Vital to construction sites, equipment operators control heavy machinery to clear and grade the land for the construction of buildings, highways, bridges and other structures. Read More

  10. Carpenter

    #10 in Best Construction Jobs

    Carpenters’ work goes beyond the already difficult labor of contracting frameworks and structures; these professionals perform calculations ranging from simple math to complex trigonometric formulas to get the job done. Read More